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Strategy and performance get investors interested, 

a solid business with good  governance gets them invested 

What we do

We help hedge fund managers and their service providers win new business by enabling them to demonstrate good governance of business disruption risks such as Cyber, data breaches and service provider failures

How we help our clients

  • We assist them in proving good governance in response to greater Cyber and continuity focus from potential US investors
  • Enable our clients to decide what to do about significant residual risks we identify and the solutions we propose
  •  Highlight inherited weaknesses by carrying out investor style due diligence on clients' critical service providers, with special focus on security and continuity
  •  Propose additional controls to be enforced on the service provider to shore up previously unidentified vulnerabilities
  •  Review existing information security policies and make suggestions for clarity, brevity, and completeness
  •  Propose efficient, demonstrable monitoring and reporting solutions for ongoing reviews by senior management
  •  Suggest additional lines to their own due diligence questionnaires to highlight the strong governance as a positive differentiator 


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What our clients have said

 “Hi Archie – thought you’d like some feedback from today. [ managing partner, name withheld] said he really liked you, liked the commercial way that you viewed the work you were doing. Also liked the background in dealing with investors.”

 COO of an Asset manager ahead of multiple projects.


 “Hi Archie,

 Many thanks for the amount of time you spent yesterday going through the report, it was incredibly useful and I feel that I’ve learnt a lot more about how the cloud solution works as well as (and most importantly) understanding where our risk would lie.”

 The same COO when we reported serious flaws in the technology  hosting solution they were adopting. We helped find an alternative and to back out of the original at no cost



 Thanks for that, I think it definitely makes sense to keep you on board to advise on this given the work you’ve done so far. I do think you’re underselling yourself though, would you be happy to agree on [amount withheld] for this portion of the work?...

I’ve spoken to [ managing partner, name withheld]  he’s in agreement that the work so far has been extremely thorough and useful to the company and so we are keen to continue working with you.”

 COO of asset manager after initial review


“Archie it’s been a pleasure working with you on this…  it’s very beneficial to get a 3rd party insight and the way the responses have been articulated are particularly helpful…I want this business to be seen as a centre of excellence. Your report will help us get there.”

CEO of a service provider


“Thank you for the report, it was easy for me to follow as a non techie. We have already asked our support company to remove some of the services you highlighted as we didn’t realize the level of exposure they created.”

COO of a service provider


“I like your report because you’ve highlighted the critical issues in categories with clear suggestions for remedial work, and the appendix gives a larger number of issues to be addressed later.


“Your suggested information security policy is great. I can use 90% of it as it is and the 10% is only because I have to convince some partners that we should disable those services”

 COO of a hedge fund manager


About us

 Contact:                Archie Scott  Founder/Director


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